Diploma in Distilling

The industry benchmark for the advanced technical distiller

Diploma in Distilling



Hours of Study:

120 hours per each of 3 modules. 


Booking opens in September for June 2020 exam


Exam and self-directed learning materials

Optional Support:

Tutor Guided Learning and Web-Based Learning


from £405 per module


Candidates should have first completed the IBD’s General Certificate in Distilling or have a solid understanding of the science and technology of distilling. Candidates should ideally be working at or towards senior / head distiller level.

If no exam centres are suitable, please contact us at customer.support@ibd.org.uk

Bookings open in September

Course Components

What will I learn?

You will be taught in depth distillation science, covering all aspects of the production and maturation process. This qualification is split into three modules, each of which builds on the knowledge gained through the Certificate level programme.

Module 1

This module goes into great detail about the biochemistry of raw ingredients, their processing and how their special properties enable the wash production process through fermentation with yeast and bacteria.

Online learning for this module will be coming late 2019

Module 2

In Module 2 you will study the production of spirits via continuous or batch distillation through column and pot stills. The module will look at how flavour can be altered after this process and how quality is ensured.

Online learning for this module will be coming in 2020

Module 3

In Module 3 you will be taught about the engineering aspect of distilling, gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of heat transfer, fluid dynamics and the gas laws in distilling. You will learn about how processes are controlled, and about the safe operation of equipment and handling of materials. This Module also looks at the environmental impact that distilling has and the ways in which this can be minimised. The module finishes by considering the packaging of the final product.

Online learning for this module will be coming in 2020

Download the full syllabus to find out exactly what you will learn and how the examination works. 

What will I achieve?

IBD qualifications are the most widely recognised distilling qualification in the world. The Diploma in Distilling demonstrates to your employer your advanced, applied understanding of distillation science in order to control the process to produce a high quality and consistent product.

Obtaining this qualification allows you to use the “Dipl. Dist” post nominal .

Further Support:

Tutor-guided learning for Module 1

An 18-week programme of interactive online tutorials in small class sizes backed up with a learner discussion forum. Led by experienced IBD tutors, this programme is designed to work in combination with the self-directed course, embedding the key learning objectives and giving you the opportunity to ask for help where you most need it.

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Introductory Membership Offer

Join the IBD family with a specially reduced rate while you study. This allows you to attend events designed to support your learning and encourage networking. You also gain access to our journal and our monthly members magazine which contain additional resources for exam candidates.

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What can I go on to study?

For those that have achieved the Diploma level qualification, the journey to Master Distiller is the next stage in your professional certification programme. The IBD’s Master Distiller qualification is the industries highest level of recognition for those performing in senior roles within the industry. To achieve this qualification takes many years of study and experience, but is backed up and supported by IBD mentors, tutoring programmes and our network of global experts. Becoming a Master Distiller is not quick or easy, but the journey is rewarding and the opportunities many for those that achieve it.

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