General Certificate in Cider Making

Gain a solid grounding in the science and technology of cider making

General Certificate in Cider Making



Hours of Study:



Bookings are now open for the May Exams (4th-14th May) via remote invigilation (remote proctoring)


NEW exam and self-directed learning materials

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From £485


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Course Components

What will I learn?

Candidates who sign up for the examination will receive online access to the newly written learning material. The material has been written and reviewed by cidermaking experts from both large and small producers with global industry experience, to give the broadest perspective possible.

The learning material, which is hosted on the IBD’s eLearning platform, covers a wide breadth of  topics from what constitutes cider, apples (and pears) through to how to prepare cider for packaging.

You will learn about different cider styles, raw materials, milling, fermentation and maturation and clarification. Blending and pre-packaging as well as hygiene, engineering and environmental issues are all covered in detail.

For a full breakdown of what candidates will be examined on, please find the syllabus here.

What will I achieve?

IBD Qualifications are the most widely recognised drinks industry qualifications in the world. The General Certificate in Cider Making demonstrates to your employer that you understand the basic underpinning technological and scientific principles of the cider making process that go into producing a quality product.

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