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Learning Resources

The IBD are committed to support deep meaningful learning with an online library of authentic resources from global experts. We have moved our huge array of learning resources to the IBD learning platform to ensure our rich learning content is easily accessible in one place.

How to access?

You must be an IBD member or registered to sit one of our examinations to access these resources.

1. Registered candidates: If you are already set up as a user of the IBD learning platform, then simply sign into learn.ibd.org.uk and click on the newly added Document Library to discover regularly updated industry content.

2. IBD Members: If you do not have a log in to the IBD learning platform (please note this is different to your membership log in for the IBD website) please contact the Customer Experience Team at customer.support@ibd.org.uk who will provide you with the required link. Once you have set up your account click on the home page and scroll down to Available Courses to enjoy the full range of resources available to our members.

Corporate Resources

To access any of the official IBD or IBD Section documents such as minutes, AGM notices, EGM notices or byelaws etc please click on Corporate Resources below.