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Last year we recruited our second group of IBD tutors who wanted to give back some of their skills and experience, who together with our first cohort of tutors, are in the process of educating over 160 IBD exam candidates from across the world. Located across the globe, the tutors work from home using IBD material and software to reach the candidates via weekly live tutorial sessions and a dedicated internet forum. The approach has been very successful and so we are expanding our ambition for 2021 – we are hiring!

We are releasing more updated and refreshed online courses this year and we need experienced professionals who are committed to both personal training and the tutoring programme and, above all, can enthusiastically lead and tutor a small group of candidates. In 2021, in addition to Diploma in Brewing Modules 1 and 2, and Diploma in Distilling Module 1 we will release the following online learning material:

  • Diploma Brewing 3
  • Diploma Distilling 2
  • Diploma Distilling 3
  • Diploma Packaging 3

So how does the tutoring work?

The programme for each diploma module will run for 18 weeks from mid-January to the end of May each year. The IBD will train the successful tutors around September / October, and then work with the tutors so they are fully prepared and equipped with IBD material by the time the programme starts.

The IBD offers:

  • Training as a Certified Online Learning Facilitator (COLF) through the LPI (https://www.thelpi.org/certification/colf/).
  • Training in the software used, access to the online learning material, and a detailed lesson plan and resources for every lesson.
  • Weekly tutor briefings to align tutors on session plans and material.
  • An attractive remuneration.
  • Opportunities to use your skills to also deliver face to face tutoring courses for the IBD
  • A fantastic opportunity to ‘work locally’ but deliver ‘globally’, interacting with a diverse group of candidates and tutors.

We need:

  • Competent tutors for the courses mentioned above.
  • Availability for online COLF training in September / October.
  • Availability for one hour a week for 18 weeks for tutoring. Additional time is needed to prepare for each lesson.
  • The ability to project your enthusiasm for the topics covered and ‘connect’ with the candidates.

What next?

If you think this could be you, then the following is the plan of action:

  • Email our programme leader, Dan Griffiths, dan.griffiths@ibd.org.uk, and indicate which course(s) you are interested in tutoring. Rest assured, you don’t have to be an ‘expert’ in everything - there is a team to support the tutors!
  • We will set up a webinar to run through the details and answer any questions.
  • After that, we will enter the selection process.
  • Remember, if you have been unsuccessful in a prior application, we would still love to receive your application this year.

The IBD is committed to growing a truly diverse group of tutors, and we look forward to your application.