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We are seeking experienced individuals to help support the IBD Learning and Development team in creating and commissioning new online self-directed learning material for qualifications including the:

1. General Certificate in Packaging
2. General Certificate in Malting
3. Diploma in Packaging Module 3
4. Diploma in Distilling Module 2
5. Diploma in Distilling Module 3

How does it work?
As a Content Author, you will work from your home location yet be part of a virtual team. You must be an excellent writer, and ideally also have experience training within the selected area.

What is required of me?
This is a short term paid role which requires availability over the next 6-9 months. During the training and intensive authoring phase, it is anticipated that 10-20 hours a week is required, depending on your authoring commitment.

How do I sign up?
This is an exciting opportunity for someone who would like to help the IBD achieve its ambition to deliver the most respected professional qualifications for brewers and distillers worldwide. All produced content will be owned by the IBD as it helps us move towards these goals.