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New IBD learning material reviewers required


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We are currently busy creating new self-directed online learning material to support a number of our qualifications, including: • General Certificate of Beer Packaging • General Certificate in Malting • Diploma in Distilling Module 2 • Diploma in Distilling Module 3 • Diploma in Packaging Module 3 • Diploma in Brewing Module 3

Tutor Guided Learning - Tutors




businessInstitute of Brewing and Distilling

Last year we recruited our second group of IBD tutors who wanted to give back some of their skills and experience, who together with our first cohort of tutors, are in the process of educating over 160 IBD exam candidates from across the world. Located across the globe, the tutors work from home using IBD material and software to reach the candidates via weekly live tutorial sessions and a dedicated internet forum. The approach has been very successful and so we are expanding our ambition for 2021 – we are hiring!